Earlier this year famous food writer and chocolate aficionado extraordinaire, Cat Black, posted a little portrait/interview on her very read-worthy blog “Chocolate Couverture”.

Here’s one paragraph we’re flattered by and proud to quote: “Based in Denmark, Peter’s work is all about the chocolate he uses, which he sensitively creates into water ganaches or pairs with complimentary natural ingredients, many of them grown or foraged close to his home. The results are something I find deeply exciting, understated, thoughtful and thought provoking, intense in flavour but with a signature purity of taste. Meeting Peter late last year at The Chocolate Show in London was not only a rare opportunity to taste his chocolates outside of Denmark, but also a happy chance to meet the creator behind such thrilling work.  He is the most enthusiastic and delightful man, wearing his success very lightly, and overjoyed that others are also excited about what he is doing.”

Read the story (and then browse her site for more chocolate goodness) here: http://chocolatecouverture.co.uk/peter-svenningsen-chocolate-purist/