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Hi, nice to have you here, hope to make you stay a while and explore our ‘sense of chocolate‘.

We are still developing our website, so know that this is an early stage of a work in progress and check back in with us here sometime soon to see and experience more.

We plan to add web shop functionality toward the end of 2016.

You may want to start with a look at our products – the chocolates – right away..? Or maybe see a little more about the people behind? Or check out the first NEWS and blog posts – as seen below: For the love of chocolate : )

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happy days! the results of the scandinavian rounds just ticked in: so happy to have won 3 gold medals for the three entries in the filled chocolate, this year 3 catagories one piece in each. and two bronze medals for infusion/inclusion bars!😊😊😊😄🏆🏆
big congratulations to Mikkel Friis-Holm Ottosen for bagging two awards as well!! partners in crime... 😜😜

Svenningsen - The Nordic Chocolatier Int. shared International Chocolate Awards's photo.

Today we finished judging of the Scandinavian Regional Competition in Copenhagen, hosted by our educational partner Hotel- og Restaurantskolen. With some great products from around the region, expect our winners announcement in the next two weeks and a special prize ceremony during the Nordic Chocolate Master Education event at the Hospitality College in early September.

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three waters three chocolates... lots of fun! thanks to götz for picture...😎 #hygge #chocolatet.co/7oxjQ0kGQS

Peter Svenningsen

Peter Svenningsen


Here’s Peter, créateur extraordinaire, entrepreneur and of course chocolatier. There’s some room here for some more text, that I will write a little later… : )