The Chocolates

Below is the current 'collection'. Availability may fluctuate with seasons and supplies and new work is always ongoing...
Svenningsen Chocolatier's Cherry Infusion piece

Cherry Infusion

Here a water ganache, fused with cherry juices from Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin cherries. A cooperation between the award winning cherry wine producer and Svenningsen, creating a fantastic smooth piece; the rich intense sour taste of pure cherries fused with the pure chocolate taste of the La Dalia 60%, another member of the Lazy Cocao Growers Blend.


Svenningsen Chocolatier's Spruce Infusion piece

Spruce Infusion

A clean, rich dark piece of chocolate. The ganache is based on the 70% dark Nicaliso from Friis-Holm. Here fused with an extrusion of spruce needles and water.


Svenningsen Chocolatier's Blueberry Rosemary piece

Blueberry Rosemary

A smooth ganache made with wild bluberries from northern Jutland, slightly seasoned with fresh rosemary. Based on the gold medal chocolate 70% Johe from Friis-Holm.


Svenningsen Chocolatier's Lovely Lazy 85% piece

Lovely Lazy 85%

A complete uncompromising piece! A pure dark ganache, based on the La Dalia chocolate from Friis-Holm. A clean piece based on water and birch sap, and 85% dark chocolate to give a smooth mouth feel, with the rich taste of pure dark high quality chocolate.


Svenningsen Chocolatier's Grated 100% piece

Grated 100%

The famous “I don’t do soft” piece that won gold at the Scandinavian rounds in the dark unflavoured ganache category. Based entirely on the La Dalia Lazy Cocao Growers Blend from Friis-Holm. The shell made of 70%, and the ganache a pure water ganache consisting of a beautiful mix of 70% and 100%. The 100% grated into the ganache to give it a “punch” of pure chocolate taste!


Svenningsen Chocolatier's Rhubarb piece


Smooth rhubarb ganache, made from the green rhubarb. The blend of acidity and sweetness from the rhubarb goes so well together with the 70% Nicaliso chocolate from Friis-Holm.


Svenningsen Chocolatier's Limited Edition Marzipan piece

Limited Edition Marzipan

Made from almonds from Fejø. Made in small batches, with a thin layer of water based rhubarb ganache. A small luxury piece, made with the 65% dark blend chocolate from Friis-Holm.


Svenningsen Chocolatier's Olive Oil Yuzu piece

Olive Oil Yuzu

A dark chocolate ganache, consisting of olive oil from Colonna Granverde with lemons and freezedried crushed yuzu peel. All made with 70% Lazy cocoa growers dark chocolate from Friis-Holm.

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Svenningsen Chocolatier's Spicy Pecan piece

Spicy Pecan

Pecans are not yet grown in the nordic region, so this one falls a little outside the nordic taste universe, but it is soooo scrumptious with its warm spicy taste of anis seed, liquorice, smoked sea salt and garden angelica from Nuuk, Greenland


Svenningsen Chocolatier's Figs piece


A rich dark ganache consisting of the Bornholmer figs, fused together with water into a dark chocolate. The figs are from own harvest, from private grounds on the island of Fejø,


Svenningsen Chocolatier's Liquorice piece


White chocolate, liquorice chocolate ganache, crushed freeze dried raspberries and dark chocolate in a perfect mix, this quickly became a classic.

Svenningsen Chocolatier's Strawberry Gastrik piece

Strawberry Gastrik

Ganache based on fresh danish strawberries, fused with a touch of Gastrik from Fejø Cider; organic apple cider vinegar which has been reduced with caramelized organic cane suger.


Svenningsen Chocolatier's Cider Truffle piece

Cider Truffle

Fusion of dark smooth chocolate, the Johe from Friis-Holm, and organic apple cider from Fejø Cider. Fresh and bubbly, with the “dry” aftertaste of the demi-sec apple cider. A “danish” version of a champagne truffle…


Svenningsen Chocolatier's Tarragon Blackberry piece

Tarragon Blackberry

A deep, smooth ganache based on wild danish blackberries. Fused into the ganache is a tarragon syrup adding a zest of spice.


Svenningsen Chocolatier's Grainy Pear piece

Grainy Pear

A ganache made with the puree of danish pears. Using the whole pear, keeping it as pears are: grainy. Paired with the 70% nicaliso for an intense fruity piece.


Svenningsen Chocolatier's Chunky Cherry piece

Chunky Cherry

Handpicked and specialy dried, the Stevns cherries used to produce the Frederiksdal Wine are added to the chocolate, giving it some chewyness …

Svenningsen Chocolatier's Wild Thyme Infusion piece

Wild Thyme Infusion

Here a solid piece. The base is the 70% Medagla from Friis-Holm, this rare breed is exploding with intense taste. Vaccume packed together with wild arctic thyme from Iceland. Heated and melted, then set aside for 4-6 weeks to mature.


Customised chocolates

From time to time we develop or co-create and produce customised chocolates for restaurants, hotels or events. If you have an idea – or would like to have ideas – for such customised chocolates for your company, organisation or event, get in touch with us and let’s play..!