At the Danish national chef’s competition “Sol Over Gudhjem” on the island of Bornholm last weekend, the Lovely Lazy 85% piece was awarded the product award in the confectioneries category.

The same piece won the International Chocolate Awards’ Scandinavian gold medal earlier this year in the category Unflavoured Dark Chocolate Ganache. The piece is based on Friis-Holm’s La Dalia (a.k.a. Lazy Cocoa Grower’s Blend) 85%, with the ganache made using organic birch sap.

Svenningsen also won the “Sol Over Gudhjem” product award for confectioneries last year with the wild blueberry/rosemary piece. Peter was very happy to have been invited to participate and even more so to receive the award for the second consecutive year.

As you can tell from the picture : )